Physical Education

Here at Altamont Grade School our Physical Education department is all fun and games.  Our students will take part in daily contests as well as contests that last all year.  During the warmer months we take our students outside to participate in multiple types of activities.  One of those activities is to see which students can complete the most laps around our track throughout the year.  These laps are accumulative and students enjoy competing to see who can complete the most.

Before the start of each class students must find their spot in the gym and complete four different exercises and then go for a short run or walk before beginning that day’s activity.  The activities can vary from day-to-day an include: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Frisbee Golf, Kickball, Softball, Flag Football, and Speedball.  A class favorite is dodgeball and sometimes students will be rewarded with a rousing game of dodgeball on Fridays if they did well the rest of the week.

One of our top priorities with our physical education programming is to help students improve in the PACER test as well as how many pushups, curl ups and their flexibility.  Starting in the fourth grade students are tested in these areas five times a year and are pushed to improve in each area.