7th & 8th Grade

Junior-High English:
In Junior-High English, the class focuses on using language correctly through writing. Students will have access to vocabulary lists, language lessons, and encouraged to write, write, write!

Junior High Social Sciences:
The Junior High Social Sciences department is key in developing a student’s knowledge of geography, U.S. History as well as World History.  This class utilizes videos, webquests, activities and homework assignments that support the English Language Arts as well as further a students knowledge in History.  Throughout the seventh grade year a student will cover the colonization of the United States, the American Revolutionary War and the exploration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Throughout the eighth grade year our students will learn History as it developed from post-Revolutionary War up until the most recent U.S. History.

Junior-High Mathematics:
In seventh grade mathematics here at Altamont Grade School students will develop an understanding of applying proportional relationships, an understanding of operations with rational numbers that couple with expressions and linear equations, solve problems involving scale drawings and drawing inferences about populations.

Once a student has moved on to eighth grade math they will begin to learn: formulating and reasoning about expressions and equations, grasping the concept of a function and analyzing two and three dimensional space figures.

Junior-High Reading:
Students in the seventh and eighth grade reading will reinforce the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in texts.  This includes the figurative and connotative meanings.  Students will also begin to analyze dramas and poems as well as how an author develops and contrasts the points of view of different characters.  Students will also begin to compare written texts to their audio, filmed and stage counterparts. By the end of the year a student should be able to read and comprehend literature in the seventh or eighth grade level range.

Junior-High Science:
In 7th and 8th grade Science we cover a variety of content from Earth to Space and all things in between.  We study genetics and how the structures of the body function together.  We study the interactions of the world and what kind of impact we can have on it.  Students do hands on activities that allow them to explore and interact with the world around them.