5th Grade

The fifth grade is the last year of elementary school for students and this is an important time for students to cement their skills in preparation for middle school.  Here at Altamont Grade School our students will receive help in practicing, refining and growing the skills needed to take that step into middle school.  

Students will expand their fourth grade knowledge by thinking and analyzing the deeper meaning of textbooks.  Students will be encouraged to write in a well structured, clear and detailed manner.  Fifth graders are expected to be more independent in their learning, and while our teachers are always there to help the student will be encouraged to work on their own.  Most of our fifth grade curriculum focuses on teaching students to understand the texts they read, and then to take those ideas and develop ideas about what the texts mean.

In Mathematics the numbers become more complex computation with fractions, decimals and larger numbers.  Students will begin to solve equations that require multiple steps and each step must be solved in a specific order.  Meanwhile, in fifth grade science, students will learn to investigate topics and come up with ideas, draw conclusions and ask further questions about those topics.  In the fifth grade the students will get their first taste of U.S. History as they are taught to deduce reasons behind events that have occurred throughout time.