Tara Beard

Teacher's Desk

Mrs BeardSecond grade ROCKS!!  My students quickly become “my kids!”  I strive to create in each child a LOVE of learning!  This is done through many styles of instruction.  Kids should enjoy school and want to learn!  I try to foster a LOVE of reading!  One can “travel” the world through books!  My students not only learn the main subjects, but I teach some sign language, too.  My belief is that all kids are gifted in something!  I pray each child reaches for the stars and dreams BIG!  I want EACH of them to know they have endless potential; they just have to work hard to make their dreams come true!  In 2nd grade we learn cursive and focus on adding and subtracting two digit numbers!  We enjoy CHRISTmas Around the World and celebrate Chinese New Year!  We have fun dressing up for the 50th, 80th and 100th day of school!  Our butterfly unit, where we actually watch the full cycle and release them outside with a family program, is super cool!!  We have a “mermazing” time in 2nd grade! 

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